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The pitfalls of simplicity

A few years ago, many Rails developers I knew were excited about Sinatra. Sinatra is far simpler than Rails. It allocates a fraction of the objects Rails does. I observed a pattern as those developers started to build out their applications. Some were used to Rails’ large toolbox of convenience functions so they included ActiveSupport. Some needed ORMs so they included ActiveRecord. At that point, what was the advantage of Sinatra? You were basically running a Rails application.

Framework simplicity is good if your application is meant to be simple. But you should be cautious when choosing simplicity if your application is ambitious and you care about supporting it for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong: if an API is convoluted and verbose, and a competing one is equally functional yet simpler to use, by all means use the competitor. However, people are far too quick to mistake simplicity for good design.

Ember has more concepts to learn and more to wrap your head around than AngularJS. Before you write off Ember due to its complexity, consider why the developers added all that extra stuff. Perhaps it’s there for a reason?

Ember is a toolbox full of concepts you will find useful if you want to build a large and maintainable application. The trade offs it has made in its API are there to help you structure your code in a sane way. As you learn Ember you will notice several philosophies and opinions that are completely absent from the AngularJS framework.

This is far better illustrated via example. In this post, I’m going to try and demonstrate a few major shortcomings in AngularJS and how the Ember approach is much better.

via AngularJS vs Ember – Evil Trout’s Blog.

Interesting comparison and comment thread for getting a sense of the framework design differences and recent history.

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