CFML in 100 minutes – Mike Henke’s nice reference

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CFML in 100 minutes ColdFusion Markup Language CFML is a great programming language for beginners because it was written to make the programmer’s job easy and not care if the computer’s job is hard. In this brief introduction we’ll look at key language features you need to get started. via cfml100mins.textile at develop from mhenke/CFML-in-100-minutes – GitHub.

CFMyths: “If/when I apply Cumulative Hotfixes, I need apply only the latest CHF, right?” – Charlie Arehart’s Blog

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The CHF1 for CF 9.0.1 is such an example (there are others). Note that its steps 6-9 involve updating files in WEB-INF/cftags and CFIDE directories. In such a case, we simply just can’t expect that the next CHF will somehow apply those updates, if that next CHF is another instance of the simple kind that involves just updating a single …

Why ColdFusion?

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It may surprise some people but not only is ColdFusion a modern, vibrant development environment but it is the best language for Rapid Application Development or RAD. via Vox Pop Design – ColdFusion?. Nice overview of why CF is so valuable.  Clients and prospects should link over and read this.