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Angular Resources 2018

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The Core Things… Angular Main Site – Official home, the new site is very clearly organized and the docs are highly useful. Official Documentation – Let’s get straight to the point. Angular CLI Reference – CLI CSS and Component Frameworks… Angular Material – MD Bootstrap – NGX Bootstrap – Prime NG – NG Bootstrap – Tools… IDE: VS Code – my current go-to editor. …

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Angular 1 and Angular 2 integration: the path to seamless upgrade | AngularJS

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Angular 1 and Angular 2 integration: the path to seamless upgradeHave an existing Angular 1 application and are wondering about upgrading to Angular 2?  Well, read on and learn about our plans to support incremental upgrades.SummaryGood news!We’re enabling mixing of Angular 1 and Angular 2 in the same application.You can mix Angular 1 and Angular 2 components in the same …

Building AngularJS forms with JSON Schema

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Enter json schema Someone wise once said that the best thing about standards is that there are so many choose from. Clearly having a standard is no panacea, but in this case json schema gave me a way to express exactly what I needed without much fuss. I’m not going to try to break down all of json schema for …

The Future of AngularJS – O’Reilly Radar

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Data Persistence One last major piece of the puzzle that is AngularJS 2.0 is the persistence story. AngularJS started with pure XHR request support (through $http and $resource). Sockets were introduced through third-party services and integrations. Offline support was done through LocalStorage on a per-application basis. These have become common enough in applications nowadays that rethinking the core AngularJS communication …

How to Embrace Angular 2.0 Today with a Future-Friendly Angular 1.3 Application – The rangleBlog

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You’ll Want an ES6-based FrameworkThe transition to ES6 introduces a challenge to all existing frameworks. When using ES6 becomes practical, frameworks that take advantage of its features such as classes and “native” modules would look a lot more attractive than those that do not. Angular 2.0 is AngularJS’s team response to that challenge. It is a framework that is based on …