Cross-domain Ajax requests – Sencha Touch Bits

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Cross-domain Ajax requests MARCH 11, 2011 Before you get any hopes (or worries), the following is just a technique that comes handy for development, not for production. I’m developing a PhoneGap app with Sencha Touch. The app needs to do a few Ajax POST requests to a different domain. You can do that without problems from your PhoneGap app. Though, …

Countdown to Ext JS 4: Anatomy of a Model | Blog | Sencha

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Countdown to Ext JS 4: Anatomy of a ModelFebruary 08, 2011 | Ed Spencer If you follow Ext JS, chances are you already know that we have a brand new data package for Ext JS 4. The new data package builds on the principles of the one in Ext JS 3 while adding a huge number of new capabilities. We …

Raymond Camden’s ColdFusion Blog: Using argumentCollection with AJAX calls to ColdFusion Components

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If you pass argumentCollection=data to a CFC method (or any UDF), then ColdFusion acts as if you had passed arguments name, age, and coolness. As I said above, this isn’t new at all, but I’ve never seen it used with an AJAX post like this. What’s nice then is that on the server side, you can have a “proper” method …

Ext – Ext Designer Ships

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Ext – Ext Designer. ¬†Even if you don’t like to take your hands off the keyboard this tool will have a place in prototyping and design and provides an example of the kinds of things that possible in javascript.