Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network

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16 steps that front-end developers should go through when planning a front-end web application via Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network. Cody’s insights are alway’s interesting and this post contains some excellent insights on current front end development and links to some tools in each step of interest as well.

What offices look like when they’re designed for introverts – Quartz

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Introverts tend to draw their energy from long stretches of alone time. To determine whether you might be an introvert, see if you can understand these 27 problems.+Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, understands how introverts must suffer amid the loud munching on Trader Joe’s paneer tikka and the cacophony of the “ideation sesh” …

The Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing

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The Eight Fallacies ofDistributed ComputingPeter DeutschEssentially everyone, when they first build a distributed application, makes the following eight assumptions. All prove to be false in the long run and all cause big trouble and painful learning experiences.1. The network is reliable2. Latency is zero3. Bandwidth is infinite4. The network is secure5. Topology doesn’t change6. There is one administrator7. Transport cost …

The Architect Role in Software Projects

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From this excellent book: The brutal truth is that architecture is too important to be left exclusively to a few people. It’s fine to have an architect, but the key way to keep an architecture intact is to make sure that everyone on the team knows what it is and has a stake in it. Every person who is touching …

Micro ISV – Wikipedia

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Micro ISVFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA Micro-ISV abbr. mISV or μISV, a term coined by Eric Sink, is an independent software vendor with less than 10 or even just one software developer. In such an environment the company owner develops software, manages sales and does public relations.The term has come to mean more than just a “one-man shop,” but any …