Stalk your users: Clicktale, userfly, and mouseflow review

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User recordings is what it comes down to: it is what by far gives me the most value. User recordings replicate my all-time favorite google analytics companion: real-life face-to-face user testing. Each service does this well.

Watching thousands of user sessions is time consuming. Behavior repeats and watching it gets boring after a while. This is why you need statistics and analytics. Here, ClickTale is the undisputed winner. Its analysis capabilities never ceased to amaze me!

I however keep thinking that I could do with for the needs and budget I have right now. When I get familiar with the functionality, I might want more – and that’s when I’ll turn to ClickTale.

The verdict is a tie between ClickTale and! While ClickTale can do way more and works better than mouseflow, mouseflow is cheap and will fulfill all your needs for a good while.

via Stalk your users: Clicktale, userfly, and mouseflow review.

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