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I should be building this blog with Ray Camden’s excellent open source ColdFusion blog application found at BlogCFC on RIAForge. I will definitely be studying it for what I can learn about quality CF coding and application design.  By way of an excuse I have too many open projects at the moment and I have to… Continue reading BlogCFC Guilt

RIAUnleashed follow up post…

Just attended Jason Delmore’s “The ColdFusion Java Relationship” at RIAUnleashed. Great examples of calling underlying Java/JRUN classes to do things that CF does not offer out of the box and also to get performance enhancements (i.e., string concatenation). Also caught Steven Erat’s session on Live Cycle Data Services – wish I had an immediate need… Continue reading RIAUnleashed follow up post…

Closure Tools – Google Code

Closure Tools – Google Code – Just released by the Google gurus that built the tools used to create Google Maps and Google Docs!  Check it out.

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Adobe ColdFusion 9 Released

Announcement at Adobe MAX in LA with new licensing that includes support for cloud based instances. See for details.


Welcome to CFMeta!  This blog is my way of organizing resources related to ColdFusion, AJAX (especially jQuery and ExtJS frameworks), and all things RIA including Adobe Flex. It will reflect my journey as I explore these technologies more deeply and also include collections of best practices, tips & traps, and links to the many other… Continue reading Welcome

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