Small Boat Links

Links below include the best of what I have discovered in exploring the world of small boats.

Plans and Kits

  • Chesapeake Light Craft – CLC is a great company and does more to promote small boats and getting you out on the water than any other I have come across.  Their designs cover all interests and they provide personal service including fielding construction questions.
  • Chesapeake Marine Design – Lot’s of nice plywood designs here including sharpie sailing skiffs like the Catbird 16 as well as nice stitch and glue power designs like the Redwing 18.

Small Boat Cruising and Designs

  • Dave & Mindy Bolduc’s Microcruising Site – This site has been and is a continuing source of inspiration for my winter dreams.  This site is a great place to find out how going small is possible for anyone with the will and even a small boating budget.

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