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Angular Resources 2018

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The Core Things… Angular Main Site – Official home, the new site is very clearly organized and the docs are highly useful. Official Documentation – Let’s get straight to the point. Angular CLI Reference – CLI CSS and Component Frameworks… Angular Material – MD Bootstrap – NGX Bootstrap – Prime NG – NG Bootstrap – Tools… IDE: VS Code – my current go-to editor. …

Tools | Technology Radar | ThoughtWorks

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git-secrets Security continues to be paramount, and inadvertently checking credentials and other secrets into source control is a major attack vector. git-secrets is a simple tool that prevents you from committing passwords and other sensitive information to a git repository. It can also scan all historical revisions before making a repository public, if you want to ensure you’ve never accidentally …

An Introduction to Kubernetes | DigitalOcean

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What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes, at its basic level, is a system for running and coordinating containerized applications across a cluster of machines. It is a platform designed to completely manage the life cycle of containerized applications and services using methods that provide predictability, scalability, and high availability. As a Kubernetes user, you can define how your applications should run and …

Media Queries for Standard Devices | CSS-Tricks

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Handy reference for this often needed CSS code. /* Portrait */ @media only screen and (min-device-width: 375px) and (max-device-width: 667px) and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 2) and (orientation: portrait) { } Source: Media Queries for Standard Devices | CSS-Tricks

Confluence Editor: Symbols, Emoticons and Special Characters

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Insert symbols and special characters You can add various symbols and special characters to Confluence pages. You can also use them in other places that display content, such as blog posts, comments, and the dashboard welcome message.Insert symbols and special characters Edit the page (if you’re viewing the page, press E on your keyboard) Choose Insert > Symbol Choose a symbol …