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Form Layouts

When the time to complete a form needs to be minimized and the data being collected is mostly familiar to users (for instance, entering a name, address, and payment information in a check-out flow), a vertical alignment of labels and input fields is likely to work best. Each label and input field is grouped by vertical proximity and the consistent alignment of both input fields and labels reduces eye movement and processing time. Users only need to move in one direction: down.

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Building AngularJS forms with JSON Schema

Enter json schema

Someone wise once said that the best thing about standards is that there are so many choose from. Clearly having a standard is no panacea, but in this case json schema gave me a way to express exactly what I needed without much fuss. I’m not going to try to break down all of json schema for you, the docs at do a pretty good job of that already.

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More on JSON Schema –  This is the overview page that includes links to the IETF standards pages.

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